Much Needed Drops!πŸ’§πŸ’§

A drop of colour,

in a blank paper

A drop of water,

in a thirsty tongue

A drop of peace,

in an irritation

A drop of fragrance,

in a miasma

A drop of kindness,

in an aggressive being

A drop of love,

in a hatred life!~~Tanya ~~

What much needed for a beautiful life❀❀❀


Tanyamunavar 🌟

A True Bliss:)πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ€—β€

Yeah it’s totally a bliss (a great joy) to admire the beauty which the earth holds even after the great disasters and pandemics!! I feel lucky for being surrounded by full of greeeeens!!!! Yesterday it was raining here and the weather was sooo great! I thought I should not waste that moment so I captured few shots! Hope you all like it!!!!!!!!

I just loved the last one!!!!!!!! What about you?????

Your words what matters a lott!!!!!!!don’t forget to drop it!❀


Tanyamunavar 🌟

Numerals and you:)



Only you who occupied

My entire routine,



The way your words

Concealed my pain,



Grievously you never understood

Who I’m,



You walked away carelessly

Without looking back,



I’m here all the same

Waiting for your words

To hit my soul

Once again!~~~Tanya~~~



βœ’ SWS!!!βœ’

Hiii everyone!!!!!!!! Hope everyone are doing great. This blog is all about a new stuff which I found intersting these days. Many of you are already aware of Six word stories and I have seen many of my fellow bloggers made it sooo well!!!!!! I attempted long before and decided to post a single one! It’s like better late than never!!!

It ‘ll be great if you people give me honest feedback so that I could mould me better!!!

I’m eagerly waiting to hear YOU!!!!!!πŸ™ˆπŸ˜„


Tanyamunavar 🌟

The Victory Anthem!!πŸ‘‘

I’m sure,

I’m going to soar my flight so high

Beyond the sky!

I’m sure,

I’m going to chase my dreams in life’s race

Like a jet’ s pace!

I’m sure,

The unheared voice of mine ‘ll kiss the galaxies

And it ‘ll leave them in crisis!

I’m sure,

A day ‘ll rise when my kingdom

Sing a song in the name of my victory!

A day ‘ll rise!!!

A day ‘ll rise!!!



Tanyamunavar 🌟

Dose of motivation: )

Motivation is what every strong player or any other person wants and needs for!!! I’m just putting it on another way.

See when some group of people tries hard to discourage you by telling “ahh, this is too tough job for you! Leave this you can’t be doing it, don’t waste your time by doing it” then we have something inside which tells us that you have that much potential to do it, you can actually win it! You don’t have to prove it to anybody just do it for you! No matter how many time you have failed but just don’t stop. Let people to judge you, talk at your back! As I always say

Those who don’t deserve to stand at your front will talk at your back!

Just don’t chase people who achieved in their life! Don’t waste your time on spending watching people’s successful stories!!! When they were young and struggling like you, they never wasted time in watching those successful videos! They practiced, created and unfolded their own story!!

Don’t chase!

Make your own story!

Strive hard & success will be yours!!!


Tanyamunavar 🌟