Instant thought :)

New comers thought,

If you are working on your own book then,

Writing becomes hard..

Finishing drafts is hard..

Editing is super cool hard..

But let me tell you one thing the never giving up spirit inside you ‘ll make you a great and best selling author one day”

So keep on rocking!

Think every word a little different!!

Make people to fall in love with whatever you write!

Be limitless to share your thoughts!


Tanyamunavar 🌟

55 thoughts on “Instant thought :)

  1. Thank you for the post, it was inspiring! I personally gave up writing on my short story few months ago because I was stuck on the plot and also I realised the plot I had in mind would lead to a long story, not a short one. That lead to procrastinating and now, here I am at the writing is hard phase! 😦

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    1. You’re welcome. Everything seems hard until we give thousand trials so don’t give up on writing. You definitely find way to make it short and I believe people will love your short story as soon as you publish it. So give a second chance, I ‘ll be waiting for your worthy story. Wish you the best luck. 👍

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  2. That is exactly why I never finish my f..king book, called the Psychologyst and Psychriatist so you can make some sells, I don´t finish it because of the editing, re reading, re writing. let alone get someone interested to publish it (Although I did have the good fortune of an editor who published my poetry book and I didn´t knew it, she took the time to organize the poems I sent her into categories and all the rest next thing I know it´s in Amazon, but it!”
    Anyways anyhows, what a comment. My point, I guess is that the creative part is the best. Then you have to put on the work and work always sucks.

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    1. You are super talented. You would have finished it by now if you had taken little efforts that time. That’s alright as you are a genius and I like the way you write which directly swipes from your mind. Thanks for your worthy comment. 😊✌


      1. 😉
        Stay Frosty gentess- that saying came from a U.S Marine by the way, it was actually gents and then a female reminded me that there where females reading me, so I came up with gentesses, meaning is – stay calm cool collected

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  3. Keep on keeping on!
    Also, I nominated you for a blogging award. It looks like I wasn’t the only one who nominated you but I already posted it, so I am just going forward with sharing it!

    I nominated you for a Mystery Blogger Award!

    My 5 questions to you are:

    1. Where do you blog? Desk? Outside? At public places?
    2. Do you play music while blogging or prefer silence?
    3. Do you drink coffee/tea while blogging? If so, how do you drink it?
    4. What do you love when reading other blogs?
    5. What is something you gain a smile from about blogging?

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    1. Thank You so much for your consideration. I ‘ll check it out. Should I answer here?

      1. Where ever I feel like doing.
      2. Nope, I want perfect silence.
      3. Coffee, black coffee.
      4. Their uniqueness and photographs.
      5. That’s a tough One! I think I haven’t recognise it till now.

      Thank You so much ❤

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