❤The two hearts!!❤

Have you ever noticed, why we used to speak loud or just scream towards our loved ones, when we fight or argues with them?

It is why because, our hearts used to get apart and creates distance among itself, they just cannot hear properly I think that is why we used to shout at people.

As we are head to Valentine’s day So, made this one. It’s been 3years I haven’t celebrated with my family. I think people who are committed, married, those who are in relationship will be celebrating this day. But here, according to my family we celebrate and exchange our love and gratitude towards eachother on this day!!!

What do you think about or how you celebrate this day???

I would love to hear from You!!


Tanyamunavar 🌟

40 thoughts on “❤The two hearts!!❤

  1. I always try to express my love and gratitude towards my lovedones.. because it’s not about a day. All these days remind us to love the people around us.

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  2. Tanya you are putting me in a very hard position, I suffer from OCF ( Obsessive Compulsive Flirt) and my psychologist kicked me out because she said I didn’t look her in the eyes when I stopped flirting with her that I only stared….well you know were. In my defense her shirt should have been tied up to her neck, or wear a burka! So because of that distraction I´m unable to maintain a long term relationship. I´m going to sue the psychologist now.

    All my ex’s had quite a lot of fun with my surprises on Valentines Day. I´m quite creative. This one I´m not alone, I have my little monster bulldog named TINA(As the singer Tina Turner) and no I´m not going to give her flower before you ask. Last year she ate them and pissed on them. Not cool, very offensive.

    What the other commentator said that I hit the LIKE button, I think what she said was important for a long term relationship. Like my parents, 50 years married? Jeeeesus….. and they still manage to laugh and poke fun at each other. I think that is the true key, and also my father still surprises my mother. And you would think that after 50 years she would know him, he still manages to pull out some pretty slick moves to make her heart melt. He’s a player! With mom only that is.

    Hope you have someone special and they make you a great surprise and just have a great day all around. And also all year around as much as you can, life is short.

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    1. Hahaha, thanks for sharing. Awww, God bless your parents. 50, years of togetherness Ouch.. touch-wood. A divine couple, I think. Spend some time with your parents and I think you will learn a lot and they are just great.
      Thank you so much, for such a great wish. Hope it comes true. 😊✌

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  3. Awesome post Tanya. I am agree with your thoughts. And in my family there’s no concept of this day rather we as a Muslims condemn this day for those who are unmarried and having relationships with friends. Our religion does not permit us to have such a day in our lives.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind thought and visit. Yeah, that’s true, as far as my family..mom and dad they did love cum arrange marriage so they used to celebrate this day and me too. Keep connected. 😊✌


  4. Getting angry at someone is quite common, but shouting at them should never be followed. Else, what is the difference between a loved one and a random person on the street who happened to annoy you?
    Better to take a deep breath, drink some water, and discuss the cause of your annoyance with your loved ones. Mostly they will understand your point, or you will understand theirs.
    Nice post.. Thank you for sharing.. ☺️

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    1. I agree with your words. Absolutely true words, as far as my view it is not that extremity of shouting towards our loved ones rather it is a simple arguments while we express our emotions like anger. Hope you get my point of view.
      Thank You so much for your thought. 😊

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      1. I agree with you.. Of course, simple arguments should rather be encouraged to achieve clarity in sharing of thoughts among the near and dear ones.. 😊
        You are most welcome Madam.. 😊 Pleasure reading your post..!!

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