The Grave.

We believe in many things. Somethings will be silly and remains childish and some takes us to eternal peace.

India’s scenario in some states, out of excess of population there were shortage of land for burial. So we don’t have permanent land for our own people’s burial. One have to dig the same place for many a times in order to bury some elses body.

It feels so hard when we see our close ones grave has been digged again for someone else’s burial. It hits very hard and knock us down, when we hear, that the grave where our loved one occupied is no more the same grave, now it belongs to someone else. But still, somehow we are connected to that grave.

Each and everyone, it remains us that our loved one resides here and watch us crying for them. Sometimes they sit beside us and console us by telling I am all here, don’t you worry, be brave.. sadly we can’t hear their words.

But we feel their presence through fragrance of inscent stick and it gives peace to our soul. They show their presence through the fragrance, that they are their with us whenever we visit them.

Life is like a mystery box! We strive in the worldly life to attain a peaceful and happy life. We earn and we buy things but nothing comes along with us! We never think of LIFE after this worldly life. Have you ever tbought of it.

Have a beautiful life ahead!!

To, Marhum Saheba Noorjahan❀


Tanyamunavar 🌟

33 thoughts on “The Grave.

      1. Yes.. when I visit my mother’s graveyard I try to give to my respect to other graveyards in simetry.. I check their life span try to imagine that time how they lived life..

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  1. Sorry for your loss. That’s what called “humanity!!! Your mum will be proud of your great deeds, cuz people sometimes fails to pay respect to the known people and you are respecting someone whom you don’t even know!! That’s great.


  2. This CORONA has proved all these things are not important. The people are cremated without any identity. In christianity people give more importance to cremate in graveyard with religious ceremony. After my mother’s death I usually visit the graveyard to give prayers. It’s different feeling which can’t expressed. To my opinion everyone should visit the grave yard because it has something to share. Whatever happens our final destination is graveyard

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    1. Very true, our ultimate destination of life journey is death there is no doubt in that everyone of us going to face one day! You people are so lucky at least you can go there and spend some time. In my religion only male gender should visit sadly we never been to graveyard we offers our prayer by being at home. Actually I could sense your feeling coz, it’s been 2years I lost my grandmom, she was no less than my mom. Thanks for dropping your thoughts. Stay strong.


      1. After my mother’s death I constantly go to graveyard to give prayers. To give prayers. To me it was eye opening experience because I have seen the the have seen graveyards of different ages. Each of these graveyards silently tells the story of their life.

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