Headmistress, EXPERT-1.

Inspired by Gowtham.

Everywhere we see awareness on women empowerment, gender equality, gender discrimination through mass media. India’s constitution under, Article –14; states that ( All are equal before law).

Though women achieved a lot and conquered many arts, but still 40% of women has less strength and courage to overcome many obstacles like, their own fears, what their society will think about them if they come out, they won’t be having full family support, as they all are belongs to rural areas.

Gender inequality in India:

The gender gap index for India compared to other countries. The gender gap index is one of the many multi-dimensional measures of gender disparity. India scored at 0.66 by the world economic forum and ranked 101 out of 136 countries in 2013. Gender inequality refers to health, education, economic and political inequalities between men and women.

Women from various rural background had achieved a lot and reached to the peak of victory. This is a story of a women from a small village, who is smart, bold, intellectual, dynamic and active in nature. A headmistress in high school.

Once, the school’s condition:

The school is running under the government of India. The teachers has been highly paid for their service. The school runs under the Article-46 ( free and compulsory education for all ). Sadly, the school has no proper administration. Most of the teachers prefer to stay in their comfort zone by not attending classes and not at all mind to mentor the students and there is lack of fundamental needs of the students. In precise, the school is in the worst condition.

Cultural and sports:

Students are highly talented but there is not any support, encouragement and motivation from teachers for executing their talents more confidently. Every year students from this school enthusiastically participates in the cultural programmes but anyhow they loses the medals.

Students needed a super cool guide for their uplifitment in their education system.

And, she arrives…

To be continued..


Have a good day ahead !!<3


Tanyamunavar 🌟

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