Bee Love❤Award.

Hello! people, I am really very glad to hear that, I’ve been nominated by such an eminent and lovable personalities, “Rising Star and Sara altaf khan.” These two people are just beyond the world, when I talk about love!! Feeling very great to receive this love from both of YOU!!

When I talk about love through Sara, I personally think Sara’s heart❤ is a package of love, where you can see only love. I just can’t put words together to define how lovable she is!

When it comes to Rising Star, each of his posts are overwhelmed with little bit more love❤than the previous one. The way he motivate people GOSHHH Outstanding!!!

And I am very sorry for being late, to share my love❤. Love you more!!:)


1. Attach the Bee Love Logo on the top.

2. Ping back to me, Tanya Sheik.

3. Thank your fellow blogger who nominated you. Thank you Sara and Rising Star. Love you more❤

4. Nominate your fellow blogger ( shower your love through this award)

My Defination of Love :

Love such a MASS term; without love this universe won’t be existing till today! Without love the world is unimaginable! Love is the reason why God created all of us and we couldn’t bound here, as a writing community without love!

Love exists everywhere!! From small drop of water to the large water bodies. Love is omni present!

Living Out Love :

For me, love is pure, peace giving and where the truth lies! I love by many ways, where should I even start, let me tell you one by one;

1. Starting the day, by making tea for my mum.

2. When I share few words with the driver uncle as soon as I step into the vehicle.

3. When I salute back to the college’s watchman uncle.

4. My student’s reaction when I give them a surprise test.

5. There are much more but I can’t resist myself by sharing all of these things and without love this won’t be possible!!!


My Nominees are,

AANNERIN (Metanoia).

Mr I Don’t Hate My Love.

The Storyteller, Brother’s Campfire.

Ishaan Sharma.

Taiki, Taikinblog.

Shakshi’s Poetry, The Golden Moon’s Poetry.


Tanyamunavar 🌟

28 thoughts on “Bee Love❤Award.

  1. Zo nice of you dear Tanya, your post is very much honorable and inspiring to me. Thanks for the wonderful definition of love and the way you spread love among your friends and family. I really appreciate your Way of communicating with everyone belongs to you. Keep spreading your love and smiles.

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