TRAVELLING! ahh, what should I tell about travel, you already know what it is? more than how much I know about it. I love travelling, who don’t love,😉 everyone does! Hope you people too love travelling. I prefer solo travelling. All it needs courage and money, no matter what age are you in. You just need to be physically fit.

Some people travel for exploration, adventures, to seek inner peace, for blogging and few need break from their routine.

Travel won’t be adventurous until you come out of your comfort zone.

There are people who travel for months and years, just to explore themselves,to become more independent and confident,to read themselves more clearly than any other person and to become a better person.

Travelling to unknown place are the bestest trips, if you ask me.😃Because we tend to see new faces with new cultures. Through this, we may learn new languages. If you are a foody, you may tend to experience dozens of dishes with variety of spices. You may gain more knowledge about food.

What it teach us?

It teach us great values, patience, tolerance, adjustments and much more.

It teach us the importance of care, love and relations. While travelling you will be far away from your family, at some point you will be missing them. It doesn’t matter, how emotionally strong you are, when you lack food to eat, a roof to stay and all the more a true person to share your words, you will shatter definitely.

It teach us the reason to live, reason to make or share healthy bonds with people. Sometimes we never bother what actually our loved ones truly are ? Or what they mean to us? At times we never pay attention to their words. Travelling teach us all the above things.

We gain,

It provides you with beautiful relations and moments you share with them, because we can’t make such moment by being with our own people. You may experience with scenarios, which won’t be existing near by where you live.

After your trip, when you return to your homeland, you will be loving yourself more, you start to care for people around You, you start to love this world all the more, your perspection of absorbing things will be different and more beautiful!

If you are not thinking about travelling, just do it. Start to explore yourself. There are beautiful places in the world which is waiting for only YOU!

Do tell, what you think about TRAVELLING? I would love to hear from you..

Have a great day.


Tanyamunavar 🌟

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