Dear grand parents!!

When you love someone, what you do? Do you just react or you truly respond to them?

See, many of us love our parents and show unconditional love towards grand parents. This is usual. But, are we truly respond to them?

Each one of us have old one in our home, right? How many of us spend time with them?( a quality time). Very few! If you spend time with them they will tell you hundreds of things. You can’t imagine, how interesting it would be. If you spend time with them, they will share their recent interest, their experience in the journey of life, their 50 years of togetherness❤ or about their dreams like, what they actually wanted to become in life.

People if you ask me, who is the “best doctor” in the world? I ‘ll tell you, it’s our grand mother” who has great medicinal tips for every existing problems and issues. And, we have the ” best dictionary” in our home, No one but our grand father”, who has meaning for all kinds of words.

We usually take them for granted. For example, when you are leaving for office whilst, your grand ma or your old mother, telling you about their ” not well stage”(pain in the joints & knees) most of us only react to them like, you are being old now, that is why you often strike with all of these pains. This is not at all the right way!- here we are just reacting!

When you truly love them, you will Respond to them. Like, you please take rest, meanwhile I ‘ll go and ask permission for half a day then, I ‘ll take you to the hospital.

I am pretty sure they will be alright! During your return from the office not because of taking rest, but because of your caring words. (a true love)

People, do you know, what is the actual antonym for love..carelessness and irresponsible, not hatred!

There are few people, who don’t know to express themselves or show their love in a correct way. I think all of you are taking good care of your grand parents.😊❤

I love old people very much, I thought I should share this with you. Hope you liked it.

To my dear grand parents,

Rahemathullah Shaikh & Marhum saheba Noorjahan.


Tanyamunavar 🌟

10 thoughts on “Dear grand parents!!

  1. Hey, I’m sorry with all the spam you’re receiving with me just coming on your site but I just wanted to quickly say that you write such strong eye opening posts. This one made me realise that although I do love my grandmother so very much, I’m not really responding to her. It’s only like I’m doing my part of being a granddaughter but not really being there living that part.
    This is a really nice post, Tanya

    Liked by 1 person

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