The Time!

I think we all know very well about the importance of time. We respect it and follows it without fail. From a millionaire to a daily wage poor being; from a old man to a small boy, each and everyone runs behind it.

We used to have a schedule in our working days and most of us make “list to do things” even in our weekends. We always wants things to be done on time!

Have you ever noticed? In this busy schedule of life, somehow we became slave to the time (it is not that doing things on time is bad or being punctual isn’t good) what I am telling is entirely different from punctuality!)

Time should not conquer our lives rather we should conquer it!

Sometimes we should do things according to our wish( except certain things; those which are mandatory to do on particular time)

Let this weekend to be full of your own wish, not according to your schedule or time table. Feel the happiness, Just be YOU!! DANCE, FOOD, LOUD MUSIC, FAMILY, MOVIE, FRIENDS & Just YOU!!!❤

Have a great weekend!!!



Coffee Lover!!

Sweet mornings..

When one of my eye tries to open..

But still sleepy..

When both eyes are fresh..

It’s the rest part of my body..

Wanna curl over and over again..

One by one my legs come over with..

My sleepy blanket..

As soon as I wake up..

It’s my duty to make tea..

After stepping into kitchen..

I found my nose in the coffee’s jar..

Getting its aroma..Where

My day starts!!!

Haven’t posted all this week. I have planned to post during weekends and whenever I feel like expressing something with you people. Hope you like this poetry!!❤

Have a great weekend ahead!!!

Stay healthy🌱


Tanyamunavar 🌟

I Believe In Today!

Everyone of us run behind our future which is a mystery by sticking in the past where we are not belongs to anymore, by leaving our Today! The present day.

But it’s not the case with me!! I live in present, I feel it and I just don’t want any regrets in my old days when I become too old and need a stick to balance myself with wrinkled face! I don’t want myself to say, I should have done this (or) that, I should have confessed it that moment itself. I just wanna live this life at this moment and I don’t want to miss it in anyway!!

So, my fellow bloggers, I want you too do the same. LIVE TODAY, FEEL IT, ENJOY IT cuz, life is very short for regrets. If you are interested in somebody go and tell you love them. If you wanna make your friend feel special, please go and tell that ” You are my best friend forever!!BFF” If you wanna ask apology go and tell Sorry!

Do it Today! Don’t wait for tomorrow! Tomorrow never comes!!!! Cuz, who knows what tomorrow will bring!

Stay healthy!!!!

Have a good Sunday❤


Tanyamunavar 🌟


Have you ever thought of water? Yes, you heared right! You know what? Water is living and it has life. Such a vast term. Somehow you are committing sin, Oops not only You including me! We are committing sin by boiling it. Have you ever thought about it’s pain? Imagine how hard it goes through, whenever we boils it!!

It would feel jealousy on seeing its fellow mate, happily enjoying their life by flowing from the hills as falls and running in the middle of dense woods. They are just lucky to experience the beautiful nature everyday.

Likewise, we humans as an individual differ from life style, status, thoughts, jobs and much more. Some might blessed with much wealth and small hearts, some with average wealth with great hearts. So we don’t have to be worried. Everyone of us will experience our master piece one day!we just need to feel contented in life and at the same time, we should have thirst for our goals.

Just have faith on the supremepower! All of your worries will be vanished for sure!!

Have a great weekend.❤


Tanyamunavar 🌟

❤The two hearts!!❤

Have you ever noticed, why we used to speak loud or just scream towards our loved ones, when we fight or argues with them?

It is why because, our hearts used to get apart and creates distance among itself, they just cannot hear properly I think that is why we used to shout at people.

As we are head to Valentine’s day So, made this one. It’s been 3years I haven’t celebrated with my family. I think people who are committed, married, those who are in relationship will be celebrating this day. But here, according to my family we celebrate and exchange our love and gratitude towards eachother on this day!!!

What do you think about or how you celebrate this day???

I would love to hear from You!!


Tanyamunavar 🌟

Sunshine Blogger Award!

I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by the super talented Rising Star. It is really a great pleasure to receive this award. At very first, when I started blogging I saw people receiving this award, i thought it’s going to be too tough to receive this recognition that too from familiar people. Being a young and budding blogger this award really means a lot and encourages to travel more years with my fellow bloggers. I THANK YOU SO MUCH, RISING STAR!!! for nominating me!

I think many of you already know him very well. I am recommending for those who don’t know about his writing. He is just awesome at inspiring and motivating people. It really works a lot and makes or at least makes us to attempt risky things. So I tell you to follow his blog. Most importantly you will gain some valuable tips to improve your blog.

Rules for the award :

  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blogging sites.
  • Answer their questions.
  • Nominate upto 11 bloggers and ask them 11 questions.
  • Notify the nominees for their nomination through their blog or social sites.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger logo in your post.

My Answers :

  • If you could go anywhere you wanted , where would you go?

Ajmer darga, cuz I missed the trip for many a times whenever my family plans to go. I love to go there.

  • What is your favourite season?

Mine, is Winter.

  • If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

There are many places, but my priority goes to Mekka.

  • What inspires you to write?

My mum’s poetry, she wanted to be a writer, now somewhere she forgot such thing called writing. All of her poetries makes me to write.

  • How often do you write?

I don’t have particular time for writing, ideas pops up every now and then. Now you asked so my answer will be “evening”.

  • What is your favourite time of day to be creative?

Again the same as above, evenings are best to be creative.

My Questions are:

  1. What is your favourite food?
  2. Have you ever copied in exams and caught red handedly?
  3. Whom do you love the most?
  4. At what age you learnt cycling?
  5. Do you love chocolates?
  6. What do you think about writing?
  7. Have you ever slept for the whole day and very night?
  8. What do you think about writing?
  9. What actually you wanted to be?
  10. What is your favourite sport?
  11. Who is your favourite writer?

My Nominees are :

  • Alien poet
  • Sara Altaf Khan
  • harinapandya
  • meenawalia, meena’s blog
  • Reagan’s Full Mind
  • depatridge, The Searchlight
  • itsidiot
  • Ishaan Sharma

I THANK YOU, Rising Star!!!

The Grave.

We believe in many things. Somethings will be silly and remains childish and some takes us to eternal peace.

India’s scenario in some states, out of excess of population there were shortage of land for burial. So we don’t have permanent land for our own people’s burial. One have to dig the same place for many a times in order to bury some elses body.

It feels so hard when we see our close ones grave has been digged again for someone else’s burial. It hits very hard and knock us down, when we hear, that the grave where our loved one occupied is no more the same grave, now it belongs to someone else. But still, somehow we are connected to that grave.

Each and everyone, it remains us that our loved one resides here and watch us crying for them. Sometimes they sit beside us and console us by telling I am all here, don’t you worry, be brave.. sadly we can’t hear their words.

But we feel their presence through fragrance of inscent stick and it gives peace to our soul. They show their presence through the fragrance, that they are their with us whenever we visit them.

Life is like a mystery box! We strive in the worldly life to attain a peaceful and happy life. We earn and we buy things but nothing comes along with us! We never think of LIFE after this worldly life. Have you ever tbought of it.

Have a beautiful life ahead!!

To, Marhum Saheba Noorjahan❤


Tanyamunavar 🌟