Taste the victory!

Make a mind that,

You are great!

You are born to succeed..

Never rest for the less!

Work hard!

Do or do!!

Never give up

Kill your fears!

Face the DEMONS!

Follow your instincts

Now or never

It’s your time!

Cross your limits..

Change the history!

Leave your marks.

Don’t afraid of failures..

Failures are the great teachers!

Make your own decisions.

Built your Empire!

Conquer the art,

Which you choose..

Taste the victory!

Life isn’t a simple drive. It has lots and

lots of twist and turns. Sometimes you

need to take a break, sometimes you

need to press the horn to clear the

obstacles and sometimes you might

take the u-turns to achieve the best

turns in your life..



A small piece of my heart!

I really don’t know, from my observation, she ‘ll be 80 years old. Yes ,You are right she is an elderly person. Always wears a dull pink Saree, which looks so dirty everytime.There are many interesting thing in her, one among them is, she don’t even have single tooth in her mouth which I admires the most! She has got wrinkles on her face and her skin is not either fair or dark, but browny! Her smile is just vibrent. She used to wear a small gold studs, which are indeed sparkling!

(One minute… Actually I forgot to tell one thing that, she is a beggar. I don’t want anyone to know her as such. That’s why didn’t mention it before.)

She used to come to my home asking money, I always tells her that, you should not beg like this, you should do some work and earn for yourself. Every time her reply will be,I am old now, I can’t do things, I feel so low after working. That time I feel really very bad, so I used to give her some food and some bucks.

And she is a fortune teller! Too. She can foretell people’s future, with that she can earn. But the thing is people has no more belief in her words. She used to tell these things to me. I like her…so, no other go I used to give my hands to her.. only to console her.

There is always a question to her from myself like..when are you going to give your studs to me? Cheeeeees..­čśë as she consider me as her daughter. Always she tells like, of course this is only for you. I am saving it for your marriage! That time, this stone like heart of mine melts like anything!

Though she is old but she is bold too! Inspite of having two sons she used to beg for her survival, which is dreadful! I am not blaming every son here , but there are sons who don’t even care about their parents. Here I believe in Karma..”what you did ,that will return to you”. Do Good, be good.

You know what? She don’t even remember her name, so I gave her a one Kuyil. She cried that moment and that emotion ended with a great laughter!

I wish, I could bring some changes in the lives of many Kuyil like her!

#share love,


My mother…

A running poetry…Needless to say,Queen of dramatic world!Arguing with her soul mate.. Only for her world! (me)­čśëHave lots of incidents locked,In her heart!Only to unlock them with me!A magic in her handsWhich fulfill my tummy’ s desire..Every time her scolding,Ends with great laughter!The love which she has for me Has no bounds!A super woman…A lovable wife…A selfless being…A great mother……What not…she exists everywhere!Mother’s has super power, it is impossible for us to work like a mother. Her works are beyond our words. She deserves more and more. Even after taking care of each little things in home like renovating any damaged part of home.. making budget for the month…..inspite of having pocket money..she gives some more when her childern were out…. checking the medicines of grannies before it could washout…..watering her plants daily…still …. she has been asked a question…what work she has got to do in home? This is something wrong which we are doing without failing…after all she wants nothing big…only love,support and care… All she need is your unconditional love…-For my lovely mom..#tanya’s love..

Cherish every moment!#fantasyworld….

Cutestory ahead……

One rainy morning…..in a busy road. Each umbrella were busy in concentrating that their partner should not get wet. Meanwhile there was a heavy traffic. Signal got struck in clearing the vehicle. People were waiting for the red signal to turn off , so that they could move on. On that crucial moment ‘their eyes met’ for the first time. Suddenly they both took their sight off from each other. Behaving casually. Yes! it was “two beautiful umbrellas”. Pinky couldn’t resist of watching the blue somewhere in the corners of her eyes!

On the other side blue’ s eyes were wide open towards the pinky.she loudly said (ohnooo he caught me! Holding her breath like hell) in her mind voice…by making her eyes tightly close and showing off her 36 teeth! In between, the traffic seemed unclear . People were still waiting for the traffic to be clear soon. Their eyes met for the second time ,but this time with broad curve on their lips! (smile). Blue winked at her, they exchanged their warm greetings. They blushed for no reason. Suddenly someone patted on pinky’ s , partner’s shoulder….within seconds they where on the bike, made u-turn and went in the jet’ s pace. They never met again! But their eyes got some lovely pictures to remember whenever it rains!

#find happiness in each little things…

In memories of him!#platonictragedy

Every story has its beautiful end.This story is no less than a platonic one! Love is not all about…as we all see in every Bollywood movies; just roaming around with each other and has desire for lust! But rather it is something pure like glacier,twinkling like star and all the more hot like volcano!

A story of a young and dynamic Burak and Aepek……


They were just vibrant in sharing things…their friendship was beyond the Disney world! They were too busy in updating themselves,that they forgot to realize that they were so much in love! Once when he told about his X…she had no choice but to control her eyes from getting wet because, she had been so bold and she don’t wanna express her weakness and she never asked about that girl.Still things were going good but he never came to know..what problems does she undergoing..There were silence and distance aroused between them!

Silence prolonged between them,their meetings became less there was no other way to contact or communicate..most of the time Burak used to think ‘why he is so much worried about Aepek after all she is just a friend and why she always occupies his mind so much’ the space between them was only because of aepek. Sudden behaviour of Aepek and her lame excuses just to avoid frequent meetings. But Burak always agrees to her. On witnessing this sweet behaviour of Burak, Aepek falls once again for him…but all in vain she just can’t step into the relationship. Aepek falls once again for him without the knowledge of Burak.He never came to know that aepek had feelings for him.Thoughts of aepek grew more but burak had no other choice rather to wait and continue with his routine.

On the other hand Aepek had the same condition. Few days later Burak got a letter from Aepek telling…she don’t wanna meet him any more..all the more she hurts him a lot through that letter on seeing this his heart weighs alott with sorrows his eyes buldge out of crying.

After a lottt of curse and hatred he started to love her like no one had done to her!

A week later Burak got news that his love of life is no more to count the beautiful days and nights with him! Aepek had a deadly disease which took her a week ago! Those excuses and lame answers were just because she don’t want Burak to love her when she will be nowhere around him! But she never imagined…about the impact when he will come up with the true causes of those curse and excuses! That is what he is undergoing now!! She is dead but indeed she is living in memories of him!

# A true story of a man whose wife died of brain tumour.He runs a stationary and lived happily. They were blessed with two children. His wife used to tell him that she often strikes with headache but he never gave attention to it. Once his wife went for a check up alone..there she came to know about her deadly disease! She had been in a routine Check up without the knowledge of her husband! Last night of her life…..she told her husband that he should take good care of their children and should give good education to them…he laughed at her for the sudden weirdo words, he never imagined that those words were the last valuable words from his beloved wife..she also told that he should take all the responsibility of her from tomorrow onwards…because she wanted to sleep a little bit more the next day….and the day never came and she never woked up again!

Respect every Living creature!#fantasyworld!

I was the gaint tree lived in the centre of the village. I was helpfull for everyone in the village like,most of the birds were amused to sing.They lived happily.During the sunny days,I used to give shades to the passers for taking rest.My leaves used to be green for the whole year.I was proud, because people of higher authorities used to conduct panchayat sessions under my shade.Many children were happy tying swing and playing with it.The scenario was too good with the people around me.I could very well remember,one day people of higher authority came and they were talking about some serious issue and I couldn’t hear what they were about.Then,I was shocked to hear the news that I was going to DIE! They were going to cut me off because I was middle of the village and seemed disturbing.After hearing this lots of emotion rushed from my root to the every corner of my body. Last night as a tree felt like standing alone in a big crowd;there was a street light which was flickering since so many days and its fuse went off,the night before my death!with that the night ended.

The next day was tremendously bright. people were busy with their morning work.suddenly a big truck came with four woodcutters, I went numb…wanted to recall my whole life in that crucial moment but, it’s in vain the woodcutters separated me with my root. I was laid on the road side.My little branches were thrown off! They made me into fine pieces and they put me inside the truck.I left my birth place.sixty years of life shattered with in a minutes..I was wondered to see the hustle and bustle life in city through the small openings in the truck.people were busy in their own work.There were too many shops,larger buildings and big house.The truck stopped in front of the old house.

A man of mid-fifties with glasses on his eyes came out,he touched me with his rough hands.Then I was carried into one of the rooms in the house.The room was already filled with too much woods and dust.The very next day,the man started working on me for too many days and nights.once he finished with carving and shaping, he started warnishing me with golden colour. I was eager to see myself.Few days later, I was warped with paper. Again few men carried me into the truck along with too much furniture.The truck stopped in front of the huge showroom.The workers took me inside.I was stunned to look at the interior design of that showroom which was breathtaking!The man came and uncovered me and he placed me in front of the full scaped mirror.I was Mesmerized to look at me. I looked stunning.He made me into an Echair.Every single day people came to buy something or the other.The owner used to come and sat on me at the end of every day.He started liking me very much.Days went by every other furniture were sold out except me and few more.

One day a big family came,They liked me very much.My owner felt sad for selling me.He let me to go with them.Again I was carried inside the truck…finally the truck stopped and there was a big family waiting for me!They welcomed me warmly.They bought me as a gift for their grandfather’s 100th birthday.I was taken into the house,They placed me in the drawing room.Grandpa liked me.children of the familyloved to sat on me.Everytime I was occupied by some or the other!

Days went by….I grew old and feeble.No one cared to sit on me.Elders of the family used to scold children to not to sit on me.one of my leg got broked.Now I am thrown into the store room, counting my last days of life…But still I am useful by giving shelter for too many insects and spiders!They are living happily inside me..

*The family members thought I became useless and they thrown me into the store room but,I know how useful, I am by giving shelter for some creatures around me.It is not important where we are?..how we are?It is important that,how we are evergreen with our thoughts?and how our presence of mind works in every crucial time?

#for everyone who want to shine like never before.